About d2

Established in 1994 to bring digital technology solutions to organisations with social goals, we take a partnership approach to developing both strategic and practical solutions to complex problems.

Our experience of creating behaviour change through software underpinned with evidence from psychology has particularly helped our clients in both learning and health sectors.

Why we are passionate about learning

At the end of the day learning is incredibly powerful, and it has the potential to transform people. It moves the learner from one position to another. If people wish to change aspects about themselves, their relationships, their skills, knowledge, or understanding, their attitudes and values, their health and wellbeing; in short, almost anything and everything about their life, then learning is the process that is needed to help them through those changes.

As a digital technology company, we are very fortunate to be able to see the results of our work as people use them, it’s tangible, we can literally ‘see’ the learning taking place whether that’s with young people using one of our resources in classrooms; or managers using another for mentoring; or someone using one of our tools for overcoming a health-related issue. It’s both exciting and rewarding.

We are passionate about learning because it is, at heart, the route to helping people and the world become a better place.

How We Work


Over the 23 years we have existed, we have developed some wonderful relationships with different types of clients, where we produced outstanding and life changing work.