We use digital technology to help ordinary people achieve wonderful things.

About d2

We are an award winning digital production company specialising in developing online behaviour change solutions for the social sectors. We have over 20 years experience of creating innovative web resources and online learning tools for the education and learning and health and social care sectors.

Founded by two former teachers with a background in both education and health we pride ourselves on having a strong knowledge of the sectors we work in and the issues they face. Based in the city centre we currently have an in-house team of 16 including, marketing, account managers, developers and designers.

How We Work

Meet the Team

Jon Whitter Studio Manager

Manages production, also lead back end developer with 10 years experience at d2

Jamie Murray Front End Developer

Builds our online resources including websites, learning tools and health platforms

Adam Thorpe IT Manager

Looks after all our IT needs

Andrew Jackson Account Manager

SEO and inbound marketing specialist, whilst managing a variety of client accounts

David Calvert UI/UX Designer

Designs the interfaces for responsive websites and apps, and also handles print and branding projects

Matt Allen Front End Developer

Builds our online resources including websites, learning tools and health platforms

Graham Mallinson Managing Director

Former teacher who founded the company in 1994 

Kate Scott Managing Director

Former primary school teacher, founded the company with Graham

Jack Roache Account Manager

Manages a variety of clients including large public sector organisations and leading charities

Kate Evans Digital Health Lead

Focusing on digital health and behaviour change

Lee Hazlehurst Senior Developer

Senior back end developer, with a focus on mobile platform developments 

Suzanne Lam Illustrator and Designer

Coming from a background in illustration, she brings a more fun and creative touch to design. From creating fun and exciting cartoon characters to informative illustrative work

Vicki Gould Digital Health Lead

Focused on developing technology within the public health sector


Over the 21 years we have existed, we have developed some wonderful relationships with different types of clients, where we produced outstanding and life changing work.