Charity Games - A Few of Our Favourites

Interactive, fun educational games turn the tables on the idea of children sat glued to a screen shooting zombies. Gamification to communicate and promote a positive message is taking off and more charities are hosting games on their website to highlight key campaigns and promote their messages. In the action of users playing a game, charities are able to see exactly how their supporters are engaging, the types of decisions they might make that lead to donations and at what points they elicit empathy as they find out more about the cause. Here’s a few of our favourites:

Peta – J-LO Monster in Fur Game

Animal rights advocates PETA have a wide range of fun and clever games available on their website encouraging further knowledge about welfare issues for farm animals, circus and working animals to fur and leather produce. They’re never afraid to take on celebrity culture or corporate companies and they always add a dose of humour. Our favourite is the ‘J-LO Monster in Fur Game’ as a user your mission is to stop animals being tortured and killed for Jennifer Lopez’s luxury clothing line. When you identify an animal you have to quickly hit the space bar to save all the animals and move up a level. It’s a fun and addictive game that reminds us fur looks best on those that are born with it.

RNLI – Heavy Weather Handling

Some time ago we worked with RNLI to create the ‘Heavy Weather Handling’ game designed for children and parents to ride the waves carefully. Users can navigate left and right to steer the baot through tough weather conditions and unpredictable situations. This is part of our package of resources with RNLI to promote water safety and great work they do saving lives at sea.

Greenpeace – Wind Farm Game

Greenpeace raises awareness of climate change with their ‘Wind Farm’ game. Again, like Peta they host many games on their site. Wind Farm tasks you with saving the world from killer oil drills and making the switch to renewable energy by installing turbines. This is a great way of hitting home the inevitable impact of climate change in a meaningful way.

UNHCR (the worlds refugee centre) App

This app takes the user through the day to day reality of life as a refugee. Based on 3 real life characters you face all the issues displaced refugees continually face. ‘My Life As A Refugee’ will see you separated from your family and loved ones, facing major trauma and tough decisions at every turn to be reunited with them. This gives a real insight into the chaotic and emotionally stressful lives so many refugees face. Find out if you have what it takes to survive!

WWF - Go Wild Games

The ‘Go Wild’ section on WWF’s website is great resource for finding out about the far flung parts of the world and its inhabitants. A colourful and engaging design it allows users to pick a continent of their choice which will then bring up some information about that continent, the types of creatures that live there and a combination of online activities (can you help the rhino avoid the poachers?) to downloadable ones children and parents can enjoy on rainy days (make a panda mask).