d2 Favourites - Apps for Social Good

It’s been said that technology is making the world smaller, we’re all more connected than we have ever been and it can be hard to ‘switch off’ and take a break from the constant interaction. Technology and social media can get a bad press with people blaming our need for continual online engagement as a replacement for real life communication and nurturing relations outside of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. For some people and communities though the ‘real world’ presents challenges on a daily basis, technology and digital development has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. This is true in the world of iOS and Anrdoid Apps. We take a look at some of our favourites that focus on social good and use the great developments in innovation to put a little bit of good back into the world.

Here’s our top 4:

Finding Rover

This lovely app helps reunite worried owners with their missing pooches. What’s particularly innovative about this app is that the user takes a front facing picture of their dog which Finding Rover then store on their database should the dog ever get lost. It’s great to see such developments in facial recognition software recently, even our pets are getting in on the act. With 7m dogs in America reported missing a year it’s great that this app is dedicated to getting them back home where they belong.

RNLI Spotters Guide

We just had to include one of our own! The RNLI do some brave and admirable work rescuing people at sea around the UK and some time ago we worked with them to produce The Spotters Guide app.  Around the UK coasts alone there are 250 lifeboat stations and 340 lifeboats, the spotters guide is a fun way for children to spot and record their sightings everytime they go to the seaside.

Epilepsy Society

The Epilepsy Society app for both Android and iOS allows users to manage their own health easier via their phones. The features of this clever app include some helpful first aid information and an interactive seizure diary where users can record key details about their seizures as well as tips on how to manage the condition on a day to day basis.  

Johnson and Johnson

It’s been reported to have a few technical problems and is slow on bug fixes but the Johnsons and Johnsons ‘donate a photo’ app is undoubtedly a good way to raise money for a worthy cause.  For every photo you donate J&J donate $1 to Save the Children. As Johnson and Johnson recently announced they will be committing to zero deforestation and looking to their own supply chain to stop unethical palm oil produce so we thought they definitely deserved a shout out.