Interactive Interludes – 3 Innovations We Love!

Those on our mailing list will know that every 2 weeks we email out some of the best innovations and new uses of digital technology from around the world that we’ve come across. It’s always interesting to see how different sectors are utilising digital to stay ahead in competitive markets. Here’s a few that have inspired us:

The Marriot Hotel Launch Virtual Reality Experiences

We travel to broaden our minds and have new experiences. Now the Marriott Hotel chain has launched a new service to help guests have that experience from the comfort of their rooms.

The 'vRoom Service' allows their guests all over the world to order virtual experiences. A virtual reality headset is delivered to the guests room then virtually transports them to a range of far-flung destinations via a video trip.

The idea is to help inspire guests to travel to different places and is part of their overall strategy of embracing more in-room technology services across the chain.

Virtual Reality Avatars Used to Tackle Mental Health Issues!

In 2015 we’ve seen further developments in health technology which enables doctors to monitor patients chronic health conditions remotely. Researchers and psychologists at University College London have been piloting using avatars in a 3D reality environment to tackle self esteem issues.

The tech offers unique self to self scenarios and researchers found participants to be immediately less self critical. They hope it can be developed further to tackle a range of mental health problems.

ORIGIBOT - The Robot That Manages Your Life Remotely!

This KickStarter project which we came across earlier in the year is a mobile remote controlled robot made completely of aluminium using 3D printing technology. The design is minimalistic but the potential is limitless as the 3D printing source files for the components and the software are free to use and update however you want.  You can use your Android or iOS device to remotely connect to the robot, which also has room for a tablet to be mounted on top, allowing you to drive around the house, listen, watch and even check up on your pets.

With the remote arm it gets even better, allowing you to accomplish various tasks such as turning off or on appliances, carry a glass of water and even grab you a beer from the fridge!