My Journey from Public Sector to Digital

From Psychology, Prison, Local Authority Commissioning to d2 Digital 

Having joined d2 Digital in November 2015, I have been a part of this young (they must have bypassed this when they recruited me!), dynamic, friendly, enthusiastic and passionate team for 10 months now, I feel it is a good time to reflect on what this change in career has meant for me.

Throughout my career I have worked as psychology assistant, a frontline practitioner with young people within a prison environment, managed and delivered a substance misuse service within a prison as well as, more recently, part of a commissioning team for substance misuse services for a North West Local Authority. All public sector positions with one thing in common – people can change their behaviour.

So why such a dramatic change from public services to a digital production agency?

  • I have a very strong belief and passion that, given the right investment (not necessarily financial) with the right people, people can change.
  • Digital technology is a very effective, efficient, simple and cost effective way of managing behaviour change.
  • Putting the two together makes perfect sense!

I am the first to admit that I don’t have a creative bone in my body or understand the complex technological workings that go on behind the scenes – thankfully there are creative/tech bods in d2 that do these fancy bits! However, what I do have is the ability to work with people to understand their problem, understand behaviour change and create a digital solution which can produce positive results for everyone.

In the recent years as I commissioned a Substance Misuse System, it became very apparent to me that a great deal of what has historically been delivered face to face, at a very costly price for the public purse, can actually be achieved via digital means at a greatly reduced cost and at a real time pace and you know what, the people on the receiving end actually really like it.

The principles of behaviour change remain the same however they are delivered, and with more and more people using technology as part of their everyday life, why shouldn’t this be expanded into the ‘professional’ world of behaviour change?

That is why I am here and what the beginning of my learning curve/career at d2 looks like.