Staff Portraits

I’ve been asked to produce some nice illustrations of everyone here at d2; to go on our brand new website. So I thought I’ll share my work process; step by step.

Firstly my colleagues sent me their photos, and then I drew some rough sketches. Not entirely happy with how things look, I start developing the sketches further and working up a style.

(Note: If you have props in your photos, don’t be surprised if I abuse my power and draw the props on silly places)

That’s one style down, but I feel it doesn’t really quite capture that d2 is as a creative company; so I went for a more fun cartoon style. More of a fun, modern Disney-inspired style.


Sketching up full body illustrations, in case we need these portraits for other projects in the future.

The second style is a lot more of what we’re looking for; so I worked up several more version of the sketches. There is subtle change with each sketch, because this is not my usual drawing style; it does takes a few practice sketches to get familiar with the style.



Initial rough sketches compared to developed sketches.

A few practice sketches to get used to this style, characters appear stiff at first but a few sketches later; it looks more natural.

Now I’m happy with the final sketches, I can start inking.

I decided to work up the sketches entirely in Photoshop, once I finish inking; then I move on to colour and shading.

Here is the finished look.