Manchester City F.C Dream Team

The Brief

MCFC had recently opened their new museum tour, and with it they wanted to ensure the visitors had the best possible resources and information to enjoy the tour experience. We were asked to scope out ideas that would encourage visitors to learn more about the community engagement work MCFC do and interact with the museum online, after leaving the stadium.

Our Response

Upon researching various other extremely successful stadium tours, there were many ideas as to what could make this stadium tour unique and stand out.

With MCFC it was decided that two touchscreen interactives would be developed for their new stadium tour. One covering the community projects they are involved in, and the second as a fun interactive for visitors of all ages.

The Outcome

By creating unique interactives that allowed users to partake whilst on the stadium tour, and also keep up to date after they had left, it ensured that MCFC had great response when they opened the new stadium tours to the public, and they continue to do so.