New Economy with Marketing Manchester

The Brief

The aim of the project was to focus on the current work New Economy do within the Greater Manchester area. Our clients wanted to include events and networking, reports and publications areas, a section for members, as well as promoting news which affects people in Greater Manchester. The two most important areas of the original brief were; User journey and experience and integration with current systems.

Our Response

We aimed to create the New Economy website to be the research and event hub for Greater Manchester. By holding creative sessions with different stakeholders and organisations, all of whom are part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, we were able to get a full understanding of exactly what was needed.

Following this, we created a variety of designs and asked for feedback from the same stakeholders. By involving different stakeholders, we were able to take into consideration a number of diverse needs and wants for the site, and try to build these into the resource.

The Outcome

As there is already a lot of content and more content is continuously being produced, the user experience of the website is very important. We have designed and built the website so that users can easily find what they are looking for (within 2 clicks). The aim is to ensure that the user can simply find the relevant area of the website in as little time as possible.